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  • Rules and Regulations

    Rules and Regulations

    1.  NAME

    The name of the Club shall be "New Zealand Nubians".

    2.  OBJECTS

    I.  To encourage the breeding of Anglo-Nubians and Nubian Dairy Goats to the highest standards.

    II.  To make known the outstanding qualities of the breed, and to do all things that may be deemed advisable and necessary to promote the interest of the members of the club.

    III.  To co-operate with, extend and simplify the efforts of other clubs, Societies and Associations for like or similar purposes.

    IV.  To encourage and promote breed shows in the North and South Islands of New Zealand.

    V.  To assist with the provisions of awards and distinctions of merit in connection with the breeding, rearing and exhibition of the Anglo-Nubian and Nubian Dairy Goats.


    I.  The Officers of the Club shall be elected annually and consist of a President, Secretary/Treasurer and up to four Committee members, with powers to co-opt an unlimited number of members.

    II.  The position of Patron will/can be made by appointment as moved at the New Zealand Anglo-Nubians Annual General Meeting.


    • Nominations and elections of officers and committee will be made in writing and signed by one member entitled to vote, with consent of the nominee endorsed (who must be a member entitled to vote), and shall be lodged with this secretary no later than thirty (30) days prior to the Annual General Meeting of the New Zealand Dairy Goat Breeders Association (NZDGBA).
    • Annual voting papers are to be sent to all financial members twenty one (21) days prior to the AGM of the NZDGBA and returned in the sealed envelope provided, not later than five days prior to the date of the aforementioned meeting.
    • Any voting papers not marked as required in paragraph II shall be invalid.
    • Two scrutineers will be appointed by the retiring committee to count the sealed votes.
    • On completion of the count, the scrutineers shall prepare a report showing the number of valid votes cast for each candidate and deliver such report to the retiring President, who shall announce at the Annual General Meeting of the Club, the names of the successful candidates.  The results are to be circulated to all members by the Secretary along with the Minutes of the AGM, as soon as practical.


    The committee shall be charged with the full administration of affairs and business of the Club.


    • The Annual General Meting of the Club is to be held in conjunction with the annual conference of the NZDGBA.
    • Notice of the time and place of the Club's AGM, a copy of the President's report and a statement of the accounts shall be sent with voting papers (if necessary) twenty one days prior to the AGM.
    • A quorum shall consist of five (5) financial members.
    • The order of business shall be:

    §  Apologies

    §  Minutes of previous AGM

    §  President's report outlining proceedings of the Club during the year

    §  Presentation of Financial statement for the year

    §  Results of the ballot for elections of Officers and Committee for the forthcoming year.

    §  Election of Auditor.

    §  Discussion of any proposed changes to the rules.

    §  Venue for Breed shows.

    §  General business.


    I.  In all cases 'he' and his' will be taken to mean 'she' and her' where appropriate.

    II.  It shall be the duty of every member to promote the interests of the breed and strive for honourable dealings in all caprine matters.

    III.  Annual subscriptions shall be fixed at each AGM for the following year.

    IV.  The committee may declare a member to have forfeited his membership if he has failed in the observance of any of the rules or is to be found acting in any conduct not in keeping with the aims of the Club.

    V. A member is deemed to have forfeited his membership if he is in arrears with his annual subscription for a period of two (2) months.

    VI.  Whenever a member ceases to be a financial member of the Club, his name will be removed from the list and he will have no claim or interest in respect of the Club and will return any cups or trophies that are property of the Club ASAP.

    VII.  Life members may be elected at an AGM upon the recommendation of the retiring committee.

    8.  SHOWS

    The NZDGBA and Royal Agricultural Society (RAS) rules, regulations and bylaws will apply to all New Zealand Nubian organised shows.

    Non-members may exhibit at an NZN organised show on the payment of the additional fee set annually by the Show Secretary.


    These rules shall not be altered except in accordance with the following:-

    I.  Four or more members entitled to vote shall submit to the secretary in writing the proposed alteration to the rules not later than thirty (30) days prior to the NZDGBA AGM.

    II.  The Secretary shall send out with the ballot paper for the election of Officers and Committee a notice containing any proposed changes to the Rules and Regulations.

    III.  The proposed changes will be discussed at the AGM and may be altered, so long as the intent of the proposal is not lost.

    IV.  Voting papers will then be sent out with the minutes of the AGM.

    V.  Each member shall write "yes" or "no" to each proposal according to whether he is for or against such a proposal; and post it to the secretary.

    VI.  Any voting paper not so completed or which is not received by the secretary within 30 days of the date appearing on the voting paper, shall be invalid.


    I.  The Club may be wound up voluntarily by postal vote to be carried out in the manner prescribed for changes to the rules.

    II.  Upon dissolution or winding up of the Club in any manner, the assets shall be passed to the NZDGBA.